Siva Subramanian Vasanth

How To Hack Facebook In less than 1 Minute

Posted on: March 30, 2008

Change the mood of any user on Facebook who has the Moods application installed… all you need is their user id and a few tools.
No, it shouldn’t be this easy. That’s why I uploaded this. Hopefully it won’t work for long.

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114 Responses to "How To Hack Facebook In less than 1 Minute"

Hi. I am a hacker. I can you a myspace, facebook, aol, yahoo, gmail, hotmail…etc password. I do charge a fee to get a password. Once I get the password I’ll show you proof I have it. Are you interested? E-mail me at

Objaxnjenje molim vas za pasword neciji

i want to know my boyfriends facebook password his login id is i need to know the password

did you ever find a way to get your bfs password?? Im in the same situation i desperatly needa get it to go on his facebook

hi there i would like to know the charge for you to hack into my boyfriends facebook asccount i know his email but not his password plz

Heyy, Okk ii Wantt Myy Br’s Passwordd, Causee Obviouslyy Hiss
Lonqq Headd Ass Aiintt Gonee Givee Itt Too Mee,!

can you please hack this email for me :

Umm Can Yu Help Me Hcak Ma Ex-Boyfirends Facebok!

I wanna know my ex boyfriend’s fb password user id is

hey how much do you charge

How much will it cost????

email me at i can help you.

So what do u charge to get someones password? cause im interered in getting my boyfriends…

Please help me I never have heard from him in a week

i want to know myboyfriend fb password his name is peter agra

i want to now my boyfriend facebook password

i want to know my boyfriend fb passwords account

i want to know my boyfriend password his user name is

Yes im interested. I wanna know what my husband and his mistress talking on FB

are u a hacker call me.661-435-0562
trying to hack

Ok, soo I tried EVERYTHING to try to get into my ex boyfriend’s facebook, but nothing works!! I can’t, supposely i hacked it, but it takes me to the beggining, like I didnt do nothing, does ANYONE know how I can hack his username and password just to see if its true he was cheating on me, please?

hi, I need help, let me know how can you help me.


On Sunday, January 27, 2013, Siva Subramanian Vasanth wrote: > Tony Andd Ruby commented: “Ok, soo I tried EVERYTHING to try to get into my ex boyfriend’s facebook, but nothing works!! I can’t, supposely i hacked it, but it takes me to the beggining, like I didnt do nothing, does ANYONE know how I can hack his username and password just to see ” >

pls help me to hack my girl friends facebook account pls
my mail id is

please help me to hack this mailthe guy in question is disturbing my girl.thanks

how much

Hello everyone I thought I would let you guys know that I have used XPS Hackers to hack my boyfriends Facebook and they sent me his password in less than 3 hours.

Hi i would like to do the same (hack into my boyfriends facebook) can you please help me

Jessica how do u use it??

how ??to hack fb??

can sum1 who noes tell me how 2 hack fb …….
mail me at

Hi. EMAIL ME!!! I’m hacker. Can get you a myspace, facebook,yahoo,msn/hotmail, gmail, aol…etc password. I do charge money though,but will show proof i have it. Are you interested? please email me at (I was formly known as fordf202006 on yahoo but my account was deleted)


how much do you charge??

If someone knows how to hack a facebook account and will do it for free, please contact me at

can someone tell me how to hack :
on facebook.

please can someone help me by getting into my boyfriends facebook! please get back to me asap :)

hi i need the password for
plz i want 2 c if he is cheating on me ty

I want to hack into my boyfriends profile, can someone tell me how.

i need my gilfriends password shes been upset lately and it has something to do with fb please help!!!!

can anybody hack or access are you interested and work there free ??

How much do you charge to hack into facebooks?

i need password for yahoo and hotmail as someone has hacked mine and changed password i use these accounts for work and its very very important i get bk into them please help regards

hey can someone help me im trying to get my boyfriends password to his facebook account. his email is

please, ihave a boyfriend; and there are girls always writing on his facebook wall, iwant to hack his facebook to see his messages ; & see if he may be seeing someone else. if yu know how to hack an account. PLEASEEE. e-mail me; please ! :\

I need to know my boyfriends password as I’m convinced he’s still talking to his ex from 2 years ago, i found a message he sent to her a while ago on his fb saying “you should come up and stay at my uni” so i need to know if it’s still going on :) please help! here’s his password x

Alright, so i need a facebook password .. if no one will do it for free, then the max i’ll offer is 10 bucks ! i’ll pay through paypal or w.e works for the hacker !

@ Jessica how do u use it??

i wana hack my boyfriends account plz help me

plllllssssssssssssssss help me get my husbands password plz sme email me

I need to recover my husbands Face book, and yahoo passwords, without changing them, or him knowing about it, I’m willing to pay a small fee. Please contact me at “”

Hi how much do you charge because I’m like 14 gonna be 15 an my boyfriend Facebook status got changed to dating another girl and I wanna get his Facebook password without changing it to something so I can go in a look around cuz I’m not trusting him right now

I need my bf’s password for Facebook, please help. Will pay

I need to my bfs Facebook password for Facebook. PLZ

I need to know if my boyfriend of 3 years is cheating on me. Please help

i need to know if my boyfriend is cheating on me , i need his facebook password !

How much do you charge because I am very interested

How much do u charge and how long does it take?

i would like to get my husbands password i have a feeling he is cheating but i have no evidence and i dont wont to leave on a hunch his id is please help


A few possible ways for a hacker to obtain Facebook passwords:


(Easy)- You guess password based on various details you know about them.

(Easy)- You click on “forgotten password”, you choose the option which specifies His/Her name and one of his friends. You need to know his/her e-mail address and e-mail password. If you don’t know them then you can always try and guess their e-mail account password via the forgotten password and choosing “secret question”, the answer is usualy their first name.You connect on to his/her account and choose a new password.

(Easy)-You have physical access to his/her computer. You can install a “keylogger” which will send you everything he/she types on the keyboard including passwords. Google search “keylogger” for more info.

(Easy)- You leave your phone/camera recording the keyboard without them knowing, rewind it to see their password.

(Easy)- If they have a Mac, there is an app called keychain. If you have their computer password(easier to obtain than facebook password if they don’t fully trust you, you could wait for him to get into the shower and shout out “Hey gimme the password for ya’ computer l just want to go on the internet quickly, he/she will be wet and won’t come out just to avoid giving you the password) you can do a search in the keychain app for “facebook”, then click “show password” and enter the computer’s password. If you have the Mac’s password then you can get anything you like. I am unaware of similar programs on windows.

(Medium)- You have at least a basic knowledge of Web building, MySQL etc. . You may search their facebook’s page to see which apps they use on facebook. Their password is only as strong as the weakest security wise application they use. Choose something random not many people use, something that looks poorly coded. Use SQL injection to dump database :) , all you would have to do after that is to search for his pass in the list and decrypt the hashed password with one of the many websites offering this service for free.

(Medium)- You have a minimum knowledge of terminal commands. Download Backtrack and buy yourself an external wifi card (30$). Learn how to use the aircrack-ng package (there are lots of tutorials on youtube, very straight forward). With the aircrack-ng package you can crack their wifi if they use WPA encryption. If you already have their wifi password or if you can invite them over to yours and they have a laptop which is connected onto your local network (your wifi modem) then you won’t need to learn about aircrack-ng. You will however need to learn how to ARP poison a network (again extremly easy with backtrack, lots of tutorials on YT). When you ARP poison a network and the target connects onto a website with a pass and id you recover both without them knowing. All they will see is a Certifacate asking for permission to access to website. We’ve all seen them, and think nothing of it, but if someone is poisoning your wifi, beware.

(Impossible)- Hack Facebook’s mainframe. Although few have already penetrated Facebook crazy defence of firewalls and security mesures, l assure you none of them will be lurking around on this website :) Some are probably in prison, others get it done without ever being noticed or caught. NONE will be here :)


All people offering you any services here are fraudsters. They will con you out of money and never give you a valid password. It is also illegal and you can be judged as an accomplice.

I hope you have a better understanding of the different ways a hacker can obtain your credentials etc… You must never display any private information such as emails address’s etc. on your facebook account.
If you do, people know where to attack.


please help me. i want to know my boyfriend’s password of facebook… i think he cheats me. plz help

please help me. i want to know my boyfriend’s password of facebook… i think he cheats me. plz help

PLz help me hack my x’s fb.plz cntct ma hacker dude.

hiiii i was very tenson last some days when my frnds are hack my facebook id???/// how i can

Please call me at 16625281304 becuz I need to hack my bf Facebook page becuz I feel like he’s cheating

i need help to hack a persons accouny

i would like to know if yu can hack this facebook profile for me . . .

i would like to know if yu can hack this facebook profile for me . . .

My team & I offer hacking services.We can hack/recover? any email id,FACEBOOK & website servers & grant our clients access..We always? provide proof before payment so you know you are not being ripped off.Send me a mail “”.We try to reply every client ASAP & execute the project in the quickest time-frame possible

Can you please hack this hotmail for me i need to check up on my boyfriend its thanx

can you hack my boyfriends facebook for me its

hello, please hack this facebook account for me
send me the password to my email when finished.

Pls help me and the above desperate pepole .. Cause they are feeling a pain that i understand. If u can help then pls help us my boyfriend made his email from my name it is –

Hi please send me your solution

if you ever need a good reliable hacker. regardless of the reason why you want to hack the said account my team will have it done for you. we can hack any account from yahoo mail,gmail,hotmail,vmx,Facebook and twitter. all for a reasonable fee. contact us at shimomurat(at)yahoo(dot)com

cost for hack fb account??????

I need to no his password.. he was cheating on me on bu he said it was his friend but i dont no what to belive.. i need to know because i have 2 babys with him

Awesome! Its in fact remarkable post, I have got much clear
idea about from this piece of writing.

the love of my life and I think he is ceating on me and he has my password but he wont give me his help pleaseeee hack this page for me

Want to hack any facebook profile or page? Then go to and with a few clicks you hack ANY facebook page!

I cant keep living lwithout trust i think mu bf is cheating but i need proof can someone help me iplease i need ftthis done for free

I need help bad :( i think my boyfriend is cheating on me :'( will you help?

Plz help me i want to knw ma husband passwords pls send me his new password

Do you need a hacker? contact, he can help.

thanks Sam, you’re the best. I’ll keep leaving positive reviews about you .

Guess I’m gonna be the second person writing good reviews about you. Thanks for a job well done.

Need Hacker? text me +17139656301 .NO BS

Do you need help hackign email accounts,Facebook or Uni websites to change your grades email me on or text me on +17078004999

Thanks,you really saved me a disastrous decision.

I’m trying to get to my cheating husband facebook. Please help.

Email me on I can help.

Did you ever get into your husbands fbook?

Yes, I was able to find someone, email He helped me hack my email.

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WI need my husbands fb password..can u help me please..I think hes cheating ..his laptop an phone are always locked..I have his email address..if u could help with a fb password or gmail password I would soooo appreciate it email adress is

Thanks Jae, For a moment i though that couldn’t get things sorted out but he helped me out and i recommend him to others out here seeking for hackers.

Me and my wife split up she changed my facebook and email passwords i cant access either one please help

Send an email to, he can assist u

Do you charge, I just need help but cant afford

how can you hack your boyfriends facebook

Need to hack Into Facebook? Or email or other social networks? Contact us at A trial will convince you.

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I need help hacking two accounts one facebook and one hotamil I just want the passwords. To see I wont get hurt. Everyone wants to charge and I don’t have money.. I just need help

did you contact He helped with mine.

Yeah ” debra, i contacted him, He did it for a moderate fee. Not bad, Very professional.

I want to say hi to my friends on Facebook

I want to say hi to my friends.

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